We offer both recycled and quarried aggregates. We recycle 100% of the aggregate material that we receive as waste; these are processed into good quality products, which we offer for Sale. Please contact our team or download our aggregates brochure for more details.



brick rubble

Brick Rubble

300mm down

Used for farm tracks and foundations

crushed rubble

Crushed Rubble

100mm down

Used for farm tracks and foundations

screened soil

Screened Soil

20mm down

Used for lawns and filling in ponds 



sub base

Type 1 Sub Base

Very solid base layer due to different sized interlocking stones from 50mm to dust.

Better if compacted by using a vibrating roller or whacker plate.

building sand

Building Sand

Used for Laying Blocks or Bricks

Mixed with cement to make mortar used in walls

all in

All In/Concreting Gravel

Mixed with cement and water to make concrete, used for concreting floors, driveways, paths etc

This is a blend of 20mm gravel and concreting sand.

paving sand

Paving Sand

Also Known As Grit Sand

This is a coarse sand ideal for block paving and screeding floors.

10mm gravel

10mm Gravel

Also Known As Pea Gravel

Used for drainage or pipe bedding or upper layer of soakaway.

20mm gravel

20mm Gravel

Used For drainage material or garden paths and driveways.

Mostly used as a decorative gravel on paths/driveways